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If you are looking to log in to your Flex, HRA, or HSA account please use the following link:

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      • Need Help Logging In?

        Getting stuck logging in? Follow the instructions in the attached guide or watch this quick video: Open Enrollment - Logging In
      • Training - issues with iPads & Safari

        Unfortunately, the training courses are not optimized for iPads or Safari. To clarify, the Zywave Learning site and many courses are not fully optimized for mobile devices such as iPads. For that reason, we recommend using a desktop or laptop ...
      • Getting Started - Consumer Portal

        Welcome! If you’ve never logged in to either the Consumer Portal or the Mobile App, these steps should help get you started. Consumer Portal 1. Visit 2. As an FSA/HRA/HSA participant, a username and password has ...
      • Dependent Eligibility Audit: What happens if I don't verify my dependents?

        There may be consequences to not verifying your dependents.  The final outcome/consequences are at the discretion of your employer.  Best practice - if your dependents are eligible - provide the required documentation to verify their eligibility by ...
      • Why did I receive a Dependent Eligibility Audit package?

        If your employer has engaged Benetech to verify the eligibility of dependents covered by the benefit plans, and you have dependents enrolled in one or more of those plans, you would receive an audit package. Why is dependent eligibility being ...